The system “Polidefkis”, which is formed by specialised scientists, covers the needs of a business for better and more rational development of manpower. 

Especially concerning the valuation and selection of personnel in order to cover new positions in a business or in order to redeploy the already existing positions, the managers collaborate with the human resources department (if there is one) and compose a plan that shows the manpower needed. 

The plan according to the business’s needs includes:
  Analysis of the already existing manpower and forecast of the
    need for new personnel
  Analysis of work and specifically:
a) work description (duties, working conditions) and

b) description of qualifications (educational level, experience, skills
    characteristcs of personality)
Valuation and selection of personnel if required
Valuation and redeployment of the already existing personnel
Training and development of manpower

Characteristics of personality
The “Polidefkis” system is based on the valuation according to the
characteristics of one’s personality as well as the skills required for each position.
The knowledge of a person’s characteristics is the basic semantic
instrument in organisational behaviour and modern management.
The  “Polidefkis” system uses a “personality test” which aims to detect the psychological and distinctive characteristics that play significant role in the forecasting or explaining one’s behaviour in his/her working environment.
One’s personality (the combination of one’s psychological and distinctive characteristics that form his unique type of behaviour) helps to determine in which occupations he would be more efficient and what would his reactions or behaviour be in his working environment.

Skills – Evaluation of abilities
It’s true that each occupation requires certain skills.  Besides the possible specialisation required for a position, which is usually determined by one’s studies, there are certain skill tests that can assist us in selecting among people with the same typical qualifications.
Skill tests consist of a range of questions followed by multiple-choice answers that must be answered within certain time (usually limited) and aim to evaluate mainly one’s ability to judge and perceive.
Skill tests are used according to the type of occupation and position we wish to cover each time.  A group of scientists reforms or recomposes these skill tests in co-operation with the companies and their requirements.

Personnel selection
The distinction of the characteristics of one’s personality through the respective test and the valuation of skills through skill tests, combined with other factors (studies, experience, interview etc) that are each time set by the company in co-operation with the executives of HUMAN STRATEGY, substantiate the right selection of each person for each position. 

The valuation of manpower is one of the means for the accomplishment of each company’s goals; therefore the proposed method of valuation was designed having in mind usual as well as unusual faults that may appear during the process of valuation in order to be as credible and efficient as possible.

Moreover Polidefkis is used as a method for the professional orientation of young people or unspecialised workforce.  Thus it can be used in schools, educational institutions, and educational centres for adults etc, in order to specify the tendencies of each person.