HUMAN STRATEGY deals with the development of manpower.  It has developed multilateral systems for the selection and evaluation of the personnel, while it specializes in the training of manpower by designing and developing programmes of professional training adjusted to the demands of the modern market of labour.

The time of high technology and knowledge that we live in is well known for its demands for high-standardised workforce; therefore the Programming of workforce is essential in every business and should be directly related to the strategic plan of the business.

The aim of “HUMAN STRATEGY” is the rendering of services in matters of Human Resources’ Management through the development of projects and
designing of systems that support correct programming.

HUMAN STRATEGY has planed systems that support the study of the organisational behaviour of a business and operate as means for the achievement of our company’s goals which is the realisation of effective plans for the human resources’ management of each business.


Other activities
Planning of educational programmes
Work studies
Social – financial studies
Software development and trade
Multimedia design and production
Organizing of meetings, conventions and demonstrations
Production of audiovisual material
Composition of projects – valuation of investments
Designing and realizing programmes funded by the 
   European Union.